Ecomerge is a small-scale international recruitment agency consisting of ex-industry consultants

ECOMERGE || Merging Ecologies

It's not about the best,
but about the best fit!

We focus on the right skills
but above all on the cultural fit.

Creativity - Efficiency - Quality

Our added value


Knowing the market is a necessity for successful recruitment. It is not only about people but also about developments. What is changing and why? Every market has its specific dynamics. Does a professional fit?


Every company is different. In the same market, companies have many similarities, but it is about the differentiators. Does a professional feel attracted to the product, the organization, the objectives, the style of management and the internal culture?


A lot has changed in the style of management due to the necessary level of knowledge of employees but also due to the use of social media within companies. What kind of management style does the client use, how autonomously does he leave his employees, but also what resources and technologies are available to the professional?


Ecomerge has been investing for years to create and maintain market-oriented networks, both on the part of clients and on the part of professionals. We do this as personally as possible, so there are physical limits. For this reason, our networks consist of rings of attention.


The network of Ecomerge consists of experienced professionals with a solid theoretical basis and extensive (technical) hands-on experience. Team players who know what their responsibility is and not afraid to take it. Years of accumulated knowledge and experience make these professionals particularly valuable but also belong to the category "less accessible." Yes, we are proud of our network!


We select primarily within our network given the knowledge we have of the individual candidate but also often know about possible availability. We look at the hard and soft skills; often we call in the help of the client to "weigh" the hard skills. Thanks to our years of management experience, we can map the soft skills well. However, above all, we look at the cultural fit.

Challenging jobs for high-end professionals!

Selecting the right candidate can be reasonably mathematical when you only select on hard skills.
Undoubtedly you have selected the best candidate, but according to our experience
it is more than "the best," it is about "the best fit!".
That is human work!!

Feel welcome!

- semiconductor design and manufacturing specialists
- IT technology and services consultants
- Web development (full stack, front-end, and back-end developers)



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